2023 LATAM SME-Focused Fintechs

2023 LATAM SME-Focused Fintechs After our 2022 LATAM Fintech Report, we now dig into the most relevant data to focus on how SMEs are benefiting from fintech solutions. We are thrilled to present our report on LATAM SME-Focused Fintechs – ready for download here! Our team at KoreFusion is glad to schedule a call and […]

Fintech in 2022: Four Trends That Will Shape Financial Services in 2022

Quarterly update for Mastercard Start Path Corporate Members, key trends which are shaping fintech and likely to grow in importance in 2022. We consider how fintechs are improving supply chains through digitization, the increasing prominence of digital currencies, impact of sustainability-focused fintechs, and the intersection of fintech and marketplaces. Q3 2021 Fintech Funding Update In […]

The Rise of Fintech Intermediaries

Start Path Quarterly Report by Mastecard, Latest trends in Fintech Each quarter we bring you insights and updates on trends in the Fintech landscape that impact financial services and support the creation of value. Mastercard Start Path has partnered with KoreFusion to dig into these trends and illustrate how they are unfolding across the globe. […]

Nigeria’s Mobile Money Payment Service Bank is a Giant That is Still Waiting to Awake

  Mobile money is the driving force for financial inclusion in Sub-Saharan Africa. In a 2020 report, the GSMA identified Nigeria as one of ‘Africa’s sleeping mobile money giants’— an assessment made in view of the country’s adult and unbanked population as well as the lack of Telco mobile money operations. There was an expressed […]

KoreFusion’s Top50 B2B Marketplaces in Emerging Markets

B2B Marketplaces across the world, and especially in Emerging Markets, became a hotspot of growth and investment in the past year. KoreFusion compiled the list of the TOP50 largest and best-funded B2B Marketplaces in Emerging Markets (excluding China). We identified the different regional and sector models across the world, and analyzed how these players make […]

Embedded Finance: This Decade’s Largest Creator of Value

Embedded Finance is the embedding of all types of financial products into clients’ life journeys and it is about to create US$ 7 trillion of market value by 2030. The transformation is driven by the shift to e-commerce, and the beauty of it is that it enables non-financial services companies to offer banking and payment […]

Super Apps: An Overlooked Partnership Opportunity For MTO’s

Super Apps are integrating payments and financial services into their app ecosystems. They have large and growing client bases, and they allow for services to be paid for with their digital wallets. Rather than develop their own digital wallets, MTOs can leverage the reach of Super Apps’ digital wallets. In fairness to Super Apps, MTOs […]

KF Payments Perspective – Summer 2016: The Impact of Brexit on FinTech

Herein, and in light of last week’s referendum in the UK, we’ve compiled some of our thoughts regarding how the FinTech industry will likely be impacted by Brexit. This is the first in a series of articles that will explore this topic, and focuses on macro trends.  Subsequent articles will measure the impact on specific […]

KF Payments Perspective – Fall 2015: Retail Intelligence

Introducing Retail Intelligence Our Fall 2015 Payments Perspective examines how payment providers (such as merchant acquirers and processors with strong merchant services businesses) are moving beyond payments-oriented value-added services (VAS), as means to escape the commoditization and eroded margins of core processing/acquiring services.  A holistic approach to merchant services, we have coined “Retail Intelligence”, is required. Download the Fall 2015 […]

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